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Importance of artwork in the home

When a home is a blank canvas it’s just a house. When you introduce artwork and photos to these blank walls, it makes it a home, giving it personality and colour. The photos you display are a reflection of the people who live there. You can tell a lot from someone by the artwork and photos they display. I’m sure next time you visit someone else's home you’ll give it a bit more thought!

Choosing photos to display which bring you positivity creates an uplifting vibe in the room. They say a picture can tell a thousand stories and it’s really true. Memories with loved ones are precious. Capturing these moments are magical and you should display them around your home. It’s not just those in the picture that are part of the memory but the person behind the lens too!

It’s important to choose the right frame or canvas for your photos. Fill smaller spaces with lots of different designs to create a focal point and make the space look larger. Choose a frame which makes your picture pop and that fits in with the style of your room.

There are many ways you can display your photos, it doesn’t just have to be by hanging them on the wall. Floating shelves with various sized frames can give an effortless modern look. Maybe you have built in shelf space, arranging frames with other trinkets can give a chique and urban look.

Make use of various spaces around your home including above headboards. Choose a photo or piece of artwork that is calming and gives a relaxing and tranquil space to get your head down.

A hallway is the most popular place to display your photos and artwork. It’s a space you can fill with memories and it’s the first thing people will see when they walk through your door giving them a talking point.

Matching frames can look great especially when they’re displayed in a grid. But for a trendier feel try opting for irregular sizes that slot in perfectly together on your wall. A pop of different colours can really bring life to a room, make sure you choose colours that compliment one another.

Choose artwork that reflects you and your emotions and choose photos which bring a smile to your face. Give your home some personality and let it tell a story to visitors. We can help you to capture the perfect moments to display and can even supply you with the perfect frame too!

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