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Can I hire a photographer for my party?

Your event doesn’t have to be a wedding, or a christening or even anything significant! If you’re having a get together with friends and family you may want to capture those special moments. When you’re enjoying your party you may forget to snap those memorable pictures, yes you have the memories but you have nothing to look back on.

We all take selfies, but there’s only so much you can do with a mobile phone with or without a selfie stick. A photographer has an extra wide lens which allows them to capture large groups on camera which you wouldn’t get on your mobile phone.

We can plan group photos or we can just capture you all naturally enjoying yourselves and mingling with the crowd.

Not everyone considers a photographer for a smaller event, but a professional photographer can capture you at your best, laughing, joking and enjoying the moment with your friends and family. Even if we just attend your event for an hour you will have a great selection of photos to choose from. Not only do we take the pictures on the day, but we’ll even edit them to make sure we make the most out of the lighting and get the best contrast possible for that perfect photo. We will also produce the images in black and white as well as colour!

Your friends and family will be so impressed to see that you’ve gone to the effort to get a professional photographer on board, and they will soon feel at ease in front of the camera. Just make sure you pre warn them so it doesn’t come as a surprise!

I’d love to come along to your next event and help you to make those memories!


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