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Getting organised for Christmas

As we move into November and we’re just over a month away from Christmas it’s time to start getting organised. December is a busy month, shops and restaurants are starting to get busier and the same goes for us too! We’re always extremely busy in the run up to Christmas as people want to find the perfect gift, that is memorable and sentimental to make it that bit more special.

Getting organised earlier for Christmas can help reduce stress and ensure a smooth and enjoyable holiday season. Here are some steps to help you get started:

1. Create a Christmas Budget

Decide how much you're willing to spend over the Christmas period and try your best to stick to it. This includes gifts, decorations, food, and any other expenses.

2. Make a Gift List

Create a list of all the people you plan to give gifts to. Note down gift ideas for each person and set a budget for each gift. Start shopping early to avoid last-minute stress. For that special something why not treat family and friends to one of our gift vouchers or ask us to capture some great pictures to showcase to your recipients in various ways. We can create canvases, frames, mugs, key rings, you name it, we can make sure you’ve got the best gift for family and friends.

3. Decorations

If you’re like me, you totally forget what decorations you have in the loft until you get them down again. Check your Christmas decorations to see if anything needs to be replaced or updated. Make a list of any new decorations you want to buy or create. Why not have a lovely picture taken of your children or pets to create new Christmas baubles or snow globe?

4. Plan Your Christmas Cards

If you send out Christmas cards, start early. You can also consider e-cards to save time and reduce paper waste. If you want to make your cards personalised why not book a family photoshoot with us?

5. Christmas Dinner

Are you hosting Christmas this year? If so, plan ahead, get your turkey ordered in good time, get your online food shop slot booked in and avoid the stress!

6. Calendar

Create a calendar with important dates and events like parties, school plays, and community events. This will help you manage your time better. Think ahead to next year’s calendar. If you have a photo shoot in a location of your choice or in the comfort of our studio we can capture various images for you to create your own calendar. These also make great gifts for family and friends too!

7. Christmas traditions

Do you have a Christmas tradition? I think most people have! We have lots of repeat clients that come to us each year as a tradition. Every year we run a Christmas event where you can bring your family along and have your picture taken with our Christmas backdrop. It’s so good to see so many families returning as a tradition.

8. Self-Care

Don’t forget to think about yourself this Christmas period. Getting organised for Christmas can be stressful, so think about pampering yourself in the new year. Why not treat yourself and your friends to a photo shoot in the new year? We can encompass this with a few glasses of fizz!

If you’d like to discuss the perfect gift for that someone special in your life then we’d love to hear from you!

You can book our Christmas event here


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