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Viewing Sessions

What is a viewing session?

After your session we will book you in for a viewing session. We normally book this roughly a week later at a convenient time for you. When you come in for your viewing session, we will invite you upstairs in our cosy viewing room. Before we get started we will offer you a range of hot and cold beverages for you to enjoy whilst looking at your images.

During your viewing we will show you 25 of the best edited images from your session both in colour and black and white. Once we have seen all the images, we will ask you to choose your 10 favourites which are include in your package. These 10 images will be put on your copyright free USB stick in both colour and black and white. Don’t worry if you want more than 10 images, we do have an option for you to purchase all 25 images, check out our FAQ’s page.

After you have decided on your images, we will then showcase our stunning print and frame packages should you wish to extend your experience with us.


Prints Content

All our products in the print packages are produced to the highest standard and by award winning suppliers around the UK.

Our prints are printed on pearl paper, this is the most popular photographic paper. It has a slighting stipples texture and is ideal to put behind glass. The prints produce detail with natural colour and are prefect for both colour and black and white. They are all UV protected, to keep the quality of the print for generations to come.


They will also be placed in mounts by hand, so they are frame ready.

All our canvases have a laminated surface for the ultimate protection. No cracking, water resistant, wipeable, scratch proof and have UV protection for up to 200 years. All work is printed onto heavyweight canvases producing vibrant colour and superb black and white images.


All our frames and frameless products are handed with care and quality checked before collection.

Prints which go into our frames are done by hand.

So, now that you've had your photo shoot but now you need ideas of what to do with the gorgeous images you have. Turn your memories into real life with our print packages. Great for gifts or just to display at home.

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