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Hiring a photographer for the party season!

The countdown to Christmas is on! With party season upon us have you considered hiring a professional photographer for your next event?

Whether you’re throwing a staff Christmas party, a family get together, or just a bash as you have an excuse, hey, it’s christmas after all, then why not consider capturing those magical moments?

Hiring a professional photographer for a party can elevate the event and provide you with high-quality, memorable images. It will also take the stress away of worrying whether or not you’ve taken enough photos! If you’re a business then photography is classed as a tax deductible expense (that’s what we like to hear!).

How can you get the most from your photographer during a party?

Define your needs

Discuss your needs with your photographer. Do you want candid, natural shots, group photos or a mixture of both? Setting your expectations from the outset will ensure you get the outcome you desire.

Hire the right photographer

Ask around your friends and family or other business owners. They may have hired a photographer they can recommend. Take to the internet and search for reviews and don’t be afraid to ask to see your photographer's portfolio.

Of course, we come highly recommended in the Stamford, Bourne and Peterborough areas and can also travel further afield for an extra fee.

Discuss logistics

Talk to your photographer about timings and schedules if applicable. If they know the size of the venue and the amount of people who will be in attendance they should be able to give you a rough idea of how long it will take to achieve the objective.


Make sure you get a price upfront. Most photographers will take a deposit beforehand to secure your date. Ensure you read and understand any terms and conditions.


Check that your photographer as public liability insurance. This is important in case of unforeseen circumstances which could happen during the event. Don’t worry, I’m sure your event will be seamless, but it’s important to cover these things, just in case!

Editing process

Don’t be afraid to clarify timelines with your photographer when it comes to editing the photographs. Make sure they give you a rough idea of when to expect your images.

Venue details

Be sure to share the venue details and any special rules or requests from the venue ahead of time. If you have any special moments that you want capturing in particular, such as speeches, or even proposals (yes it does it happen!) then make your photographer aware.

By carefully considering these factors and communicating openly with the photographer, you can ensure a smooth collaboration and receive stunning photos that capture the essence of your party.

Happy party season!

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