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Spring is perfect for a photoshoot

Spring is upon us! Even though it may not feel like it with this weather! But better days are coming for sure! Nature is telling us so. The lovely daffodils and bluebells that have appeared will make the perfect backdrop for your spring photoshoot. There’s so many beautiful places locally where all the flowers and blossom are in bloom.

Days are getting warmer and longer which encourages us to feel better about ourselves and become more motivated to get outside and breathe in that fresh air.

March to June is the best time to capture colourful moments and the weather is getting warmer and drier too. Even if you experience April showers during your shoot this can really make your photos. Just imagine a small shower and then the sun coming out producing a glorious rainbow! How about that for a backdrop! Obviously nothing is guaranteed but it happens! Always make sure to come along to the photoshoot with props that can be used and ones which are actually useful such as umbrellas!

We know how unreliable English weather is and we will allow your shoot to be moved to another time providing you give enough notice, so keep an eye on the forecast. You can find out more about this in our FAQ Section

Spring offers great temperatures for your shoot, it’s not too cold so only light jackets are required and sometimes we’re even luckily enough to whip off those jackets! This time of year is the ideal time to wear bright colours to prepare for those summer vibes. Once you’re booked in we will provide you with a guide on what to wear.

If you’re not quite ready to venture out into the outdoors for your photoshoot, why not book a studio shoot?

Find out more about our studio shoots

Regardless of the season we will always make the best out of whatever the location of the shoot and whatever the weather throws at us. It’s all about improvisation and capturing the right moments, to give you the best pictures possible.


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