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Choosing the perfect location for your photoshoot

So you’ve decided you want a photoshoot, whether it be a shoot with friends, family, pets or for a special occasion, now you need to decide where!

We are lucky enough to live in an area surrounded by beautiful scenery and captivating architecture with historical towns nearby, but it all depends on what scene you want to set for your shoot.

Choosing the right drop back for your photos can be tricky and it doesn’t have to be somewhere that you would expect everyone to choose! Personally I love doing a photoshoot somewhere that is meaningful to my client; their favourite walk in the woods, a picnic in the park/beach or even their garden. Somewhere that is sentimental to you will bring out the best in you. Who you’re with can have a massive impact on the experience you have during your shoot as well as your surroundings.

Here’s a photo shoot I did for a client in their back garden. The most natural picture of a family having fun, this is what makes memories! Even the dog’s having fun in the background, with no pressure for everyone to look at the camera and smile!

Although when choosing an outdoor setting for your photoshoot, you do of course need to take into consideration the weather. This is for your own comfort though because a professional photographer can take a good photo no matter the weather! Here’s an example of a snowy day photo shoot, the brightness of the white snow just gives these couples an amazing backdrop for their shoot, don’t you think?

Even if you choose a blank canvas, such as an open field, we can make your photoshoot look and feel incredible! Look at the impact this photo has! The contrast of the horizon fading into the background really sets the mood of this image.

If you’re choosing to have a photoshoot for commercial purposes for instance a branding shoot then you also need to consider that you may need permission to do so, depending on the location. I can happily assist you when making your decision.

Don’t forget you can always choose the comfort of your home or our studio for your photo shoot setting. No matter your location choice Bourne Photographic Studios will give you the best possible experience for your shoot! We look forward to meeting you!

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