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What to expect from our doggy day events

We just love meeting your furry friends! We meet all different types of dogs, all shapes and sizes on our Doggy Day event and it’s such fun. No dog’s personality is the same, and it’s great seeing them pose for the camera. We like to make the sessions as fun as possible and your dog’s comfort is our top priority. They are the stars of the show after all! Simply book a 15 minute slot and turn up at your given slot. If your dog is quite active and has lots of energy we recommend taking them for a walk before your session. We want your dog to be as calm as possible for the shoot. If you can make sure they go to the toilet first too that would be great, we want to keep our studio as fresh and clean as possible for other guests. Although we operate a one in one out system, in order to reduce distractions and keep the studio environment as safe as possible it’s crucial that you let us know if your dog doesn’t like other dogs. That way we can be sure they don’t bump into any of our other furry friends. We want to keep them as happy as possible. If your dog is a bit of a foodie, you’re welcome to bring as many treats as you like or their favourite toy so that they feel at home. We will take various pictures of your dog and you or other family members are welcome to join in too. If you can’t wait to get your pup on camera then don’t worry, you don’t have long to wait. Our next session is on Saturday 24th September 10am until 2pm. Sessions are only £10 and includes a free 8×6 print in a sturt mount. If you like more than one of the pictures we take then you have the option to buy 3 for £25, there will also be an option to purchase the digital copyright free images. What are you waiting for? Book your slot today!


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