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What's the perfect camera for a Christmas gift?

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? Maybe a friend or relative is a keen photographer or just enjoys taking snapshots to treasure those memories. With the festivities approaching we thought we would tell you about some cameras that we recommend for the perfect Christmas gift for your loved one.

For the ‘fun influencer’

If you’re buying a camera for someone who enjoys taking snapshots and will love instant prints then the Instax polaroid camera is the perfect gift for them. This camera is popular with students and instagram influencers. It’s light and compact but produces high quality instant images. How about choosing a great frame to display those instamatic images?

For the ‘keen photographer’

Basically it all boils down to Nikon or Canon. These DLSR brands have been ruling the top camera brands for years. Just like when you choose a phone it’s either Apple or Android, there’s only ever 2 options for a professional camera and that’s Nikon or Canon. Everyone will have their own preference but for me personally, I am a canon girl through and through (I even have it tattooed on me!)

Here is the differences of what type of camera and what ability is the right choice:

Compact camera ‘point n shoot’

A point-and-shoot camera, also known as a compact camera, is a still camera designed primarily for simple operation. Most use focus free lenses or autofocus for focusing, automatic systems for setting the exposure options, and have flash units built in. These cameras are great for anyone who is testing the waters for a hobby in photography. It is a great camera to take away on trips because it’s very light and compact and won’t take up much room in your bag. These cameras tend to produce low quality images compared to a Bridge or DLSR, so avoid editing and blowing up images from this camera into large prints.


Bridge cameras are cameras that fill the niche between relatively simple point-and-shoot cameras and DLSR, hence the name ‘bridge’. They are often comparable in size and weight to the smallest digital SLRs (DSLR), but have a permanent lens on the camera body, rather than an interchangeable lens like the DLSR camera. These cameras are a great starting point if you are more interested in photography as a hobby. This camera will give you a better understanding of the different functions you would see on a DLSR such as shutter speed, ISO or aperture. They will be suited to students learning photography, hobbyists and for someone who has a lower budget.


DLSR cameras are more for the comprehensive hobbyist or a serious photographer. This camera will give you flexibility to get the shots you want to create, more functions and much higher quality images. This camera body will be able to accept interchangeable lenses (compatible with your brand of choice). I must say these cameras are slightly heavier and bigger compared to the other camera types but this is because of the functionality they have.

Price range:

Compact – £50 to £200

Bridge – £150 to £400

DLSR – £ 400 to £1,000+

Hopefully, now you will now have a better understanding of which camera is the perfect gift for your loved one. Happy shopping! We would love to hear how you get on and the reaction you get when you give them their ideal camera, do let us know!


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