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Introducing our new member of the team

Meet our new member of the team, Libby. Libby started with us on 1st September, working Fridays and Saturdays. Libby will be working with us in order to compliment her studies, training as a mini me!

Libby told us, “ Within this role I’m most excited about gaining more responsibility at the studio, and learning all of Hanna’s best tips and tricks to become a mini version of her… because who doesn’t need two Hanna’s in their life?!

Outside of work, I love to bake; especially brownies, scones and I make a mean batch of cookies! I have danced since the age of 3, trained in ballet, latin and ballroom. I particularly love sport and have competed in various triathlon events around the East Midlands.”

Libby first became passionate about photography 7 years ago when she got a dog, a crazy cockapoo named Roxie. Taking her on long walks allowed her to take in the beautiful nature around her and of course Roxie is too cute to not take photos of! This is when Libby decided to start snapping away on her phone at every chance she got, until she was lucky enough to have her own professional camera.

From that moment on, her love of taking photos grew even more as she was able to play around with different settings and take photos to a better standard.

Libby has been working with us as a ‘Saturday girl’ since September 2021. She’s gained experience in taking photos for locations shoots, studio sessions and weddings, and she loves it so much she’s making it a more permanent thing!

Libby’s favourite thing about being a photographer is seeing people’s faces light up when they see their finished photos and knowing that they will have memories to look back on forever. It always feels like such a privilege to capture such special moments for people.

Libby will be supporting me with admin, such as editing your lovely photos and carrying out viewing sessions. This means I’ll have more time in the studio so I’ll be able to offer more appointment slots than ever before.

She’s looking forward to meeting you all and making you feel welcome at the studio.


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